Monday, December 29, 2008


I know someone who experiences this weird condition---he suddenly feels dizzy; unconsciously drops himself anywhere while his stiff body forcefully shakes for around five minutes; he becomes conscious again and finally he would throw up. After few hours, he feels okay as if nothing's happened. This bothers him at least every three months and that's the reason we call him "D Transformer." or DT for short. Believe it or not, last Friday he was attacked again after he enjoyed watching on DVD the contemporary movie of his life--- TRANSFORMER (hey, the real one). Adding insult to injury, the next day, his brother bought him a new cellphone with camera so he will get to see how it is when he "transforms".

When I got the chance to talk to him, he recalled this "phenomenon" started to haunt him after his uncle hit his head with a hard object-- probably 5 years ago. He didn't really mind about it rather he continues to live a normal life- and guess what, DT luckily got married last year so his wife also serves as his personal body guard, first aider and a bread winner.

Financially, being on a medication, he really needs help. He has a symptom called "seizure". Although he isn't epilyptic, still he needs to consult a neurologist to find out the illness associated with his symptoms. I don't understand medical terms but DT patiently explained that this happens when the brain lacks oxygen- so he needs to eat fruits rich in potassium like avocado and banana; maintain a balanced diet; and that he should not skip meals nor eat too much because it would trigger him to "transform". I know he really listened to pertinent advise from his doctor but the only thing that he clearly remembers is this--- $$$---. Furious of his health condition, DT plans to confront his uncle and hunt him down until he would promise to support his medical expenses.

I intended to tell this story real cool but seriously for DT and his wife, it's like they were cursed. I realized this couple needs direction so now my ultimate role is to help DT and his wife talk to a neurologist, find financial support for his medication and most of all I earnestly pray that they overcome the challenges as they both start to build their own family.

PS: DT needs some rest so it would take quiet a while before he can watch again the succeeding TRANSFORMER movies.

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