Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only When I Sleep

Gasping as I woke up, I realized I just had a bad dream.

It’s not like an ordinary dream that happens to a lass having a romantic scene with her lover boy nor a typical fantasy wherein one becomes a flying superhero; suddenly falls on the ground and momentarily rise up from sleep with one foot kicking in the air. Blag! Could you imagine that? Whoa, that's kinda funny but this time, I had a bad dream and ....I died.

While my subconscious mind tells me to wake up, I could see my whole body in my dreams lying down breathless. The picture looks very real to me but as I woke up struggling for my breath, I couldn’t remember the details of it anymore. If this is caused by stress, frustrations and heartaches--- I really don’t know. My understanding is only very limited to the standard explanations about dreams in some books used in psychological studies. So, my only way out to feel better is to think that it was just a dream… very far from reality ... and that it wouldn’t happen soon. I want to Live and enjoy what life has to offer me.

Although childhood myths would tell us about cats having 9 mysterious lives, I just wanna have one great lifetime--I don't really need to be like cat woman, do I? =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Broken Heart

Why does the heart cry when it's hurt? Why does it hurt to remain dumb for unfathomable desires and untold truths? Why is it hard to understand what's killing you deep inside but dare to ask yourself, "Why do I always have a broken heart."

Where do you pull your strengths to bear the pain? Why do you have to suffer and pretend that you don't really care? On the contrary, why does your mind fight back the feelings when you know that in the end, still it's your heart that will prevail.

Never could forgot how the beautiful story happen.The bliss that you feel with every special moments. Indeed, it's worth the pain and sacrifice, for the one you truly care though s/he makes you cry.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Behind Those Eyeglasses

Cute and groovy sunglasses can accentuate the beautiful contour of our face. In fact, prominent figures, celebrities, actors and actresses invest so much of their time picking on the right stuff that match their own personalities. Primarily,this serves as an effective shield to protect our eyes from catching the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun but fashion has tremendously turned this fad into glamorous accessory.

Quoted Fun Facts :
  • The most expensive pair of sunglasses on eBay were:ELVIS PRESLEY'S PERSONAL MADISON SQ. GARDEN SUNGLASSES at $250,000
  • Sunglasses were first used in China in the 12th century or possibly earlier. The "lenses" of these glasses were flat panes of smoky quartz, which offered no corrective powers but did protect the eyes from glare, and, according to some sources, evil spirits. Contemporary documents describe the use of such glasses by judges in Chinese courts to conceal their facial expressions while questioning witnesses. Compare the representation of "blind Justice" in Western art.
  • Most Popular Shades: Ray-Ban sunglasses sold 10 million units worldwide in 1998. The best-known model, the Wayfarer, has been available since 1953 and is reported to be the best-selling style in history. It was made famous by many celebrities including the fictional Blues Brothers.

While James Bond wears his sunglasses as a powerful gadget to detect any hidden object that might compromise his mission (..and to freely look at sexy women's body), I have my own clandestine reasons. It doesn't really matter to me if people say I am just trying to get their attention. Even a friend would poke fun at me and say I just wanna hide my dark and heavy eyebugs-- after I cried; when I feel so sleepy at work or when I try to avoid confrontations after getting into trouble. It's always been my redundant script to defend myself that working on a night shift forced me to wear my favorite stuff--my ever loyal friend.

I've never been so fond of wearing sunglasses until circumstances inevitably put me into a situation that leaves me no choice but to conceal this complicated and weird emotions from within. Although no one could ever understand me, I have to cover my eyes when I am in rage, devilishly shy and jealous; or when I need to pretend I ain't happy and in love. With my bare eyes, I could never be myself . I wouldn't be brave enough to ignore and fight against this feeling that drives me crazy. And without my best friend to relieve me, I rather close my eyes and shiver in silence like a helpless kitten deep down inside.

Behind those sunglasses are magical truths that only my lovely and expressive eyes could reveal.