Thursday, January 8, 2009

Broken Heart

Why does the heart cry when it's hurt? Why does it hurt to remain dumb for unfathomable desires and untold truths? Why is it hard to understand what's killing you deep inside but dare to ask yourself, "Why do I always have a broken heart."

Where do you pull your strengths to bear the pain? Why do you have to suffer and pretend that you don't really care? On the contrary, why does your mind fight back the feelings when you know that in the end, still it's your heart that will prevail.

Never could forgot how the beautiful story happen.The bliss that you feel with every special moments. Indeed, it's worth the pain and sacrifice, for the one you truly care though s/he makes you cry.


  1. never love too much.
    too much love will suffer,
    too much money would better,
    too much alcohol won't sobber,
    too much cry? no good either.
    wakaka :)


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