Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only When I Sleep

Gasping as I woke up, I realized I just had a bad dream.

It’s not like an ordinary dream that happens to a lass having a romantic scene with her lover boy nor a typical fantasy wherein one becomes a flying superhero; suddenly falls on the ground and momentarily rise up from sleep with one foot kicking in the air. Blag! Could you imagine that? Whoa, that's kinda funny but this time, I had a bad dream and ....I died.

While my subconscious mind tells me to wake up, I could see my whole body in my dreams lying down breathless. The picture looks very real to me but as I woke up struggling for my breath, I couldn’t remember the details of it anymore. If this is caused by stress, frustrations and heartaches--- I really don’t know. My understanding is only very limited to the standard explanations about dreams in some books used in psychological studies. So, my only way out to feel better is to think that it was just a dream… very far from reality ... and that it wouldn’t happen soon. I want to Live and enjoy what life has to offer me.

Although childhood myths would tell us about cats having 9 mysterious lives, I just wanna have one great lifetime--I don't really need to be like cat woman, do I? =)

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