Monday, December 22, 2008

WWW (Who Wins in War) ?

"If you were a man, will you be a soldier?" A friend once asked me this hypothetical question. Instead of answering him, two historical events flashed back in my mind - WWI and WWII.

We may have been overwhelmed by "Pearl Harbor, Hamburger Hill, We Were Soldiers " but these are only a few of true-to-life movies where we see the agony of the Prisoners of War (POW); where we feel the hardship and sacrifices of military men in combat; witness facets of betrayal, ingenious strategy to attack and the strong determination to WIN. Here in the Philippines, the movie "MISTA" which means "the warriors" is a local version of war depicting sufferings and deaths as a result of insurgency, rebellion and conflict between government and the leftists. But who wins the battle? NOBODY.

The most prestigious discipline a man can have is with the military training. This is where he loses his pride as a civilian and accepts his duty to protect his country and countrymen. One sacred principle in troops is to follow the superior's order- "Obey first before you complain". This noble ideology has brought about countless deaths and failure in military mission.

I salute all the Military Men who have risked their lives and sacrificed their personal happiness. My hats off to those who died in the battle ground whose voices cried out loud to say goodbye to their loved ones but were never given another chance.... never.
If I were a man, will I be a soldier? I don't wanna die in a battlefield. Gosh. Thanks God for making me a lovely sensible woman.

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